You Too Can Write Ebooks and Articles

You Too Can Write eBooks and Articles

Books and articles are about sharing our perception, learning, reasoning and what we live through. They formulate emotional or moral sensitivity and info for individuals who do not have these varieties of communication skills. When...
Writing E-Newsletters Your Customers Will Love

Writing E-Newsletters Your Customers Will Love

How to make money form writing a newsletter
Writing a Query letter

Writing A Query Letter

Tips for writing a bulletproof query letter
Travel writing

Travel Writing – Earning Money By Writing About Your Travels

Do you love to travel? I know that's a silly question. Who doesn't? Do you find yourself keeping a journal or a diary of your travel adventures? How would like to get paid for those travel adventures...
Tips for Writing a Short Story

Tips For Writing A Short Story

Structure Of Your Short Story Novice writers are often given this advice on how to structure their short stories: Put a man up a tree Throw stones at him Get him down When you come to...
The Writer's Toolkit

The Writer’s Toolkit

Apprentices to traditional arts, crafts, and trades spend a lot of time getting to know the tools and techniques of their profession. Through that, they gain confidence and a deep understanding of the best...
So You Want to Publish a Novel?

So You Want To Publish A Novel?

So you want to publish a novel? It’s a daunting prospect and not quite the glamorous undertaking you might think. Forget the media interviews and book signings, the publishing world is not for the...
Latin Phrases

Latin Phrases

The original phrase Veni, Vidi, Vici translates to "I came, I saw, I conquered." Here are some modern, up-to-date versions: Veni, Vidi, Visa -- I came, I saw, I went shopping Veni, Vidi, V8 -- I came, I...
How to Write Persuasively

How To Write Persuasively

When writing an advertisement, your aim is to persuade your readers to follow a particular course of action – willingly. There are three elements in this process: 1. You must win the trust of your audience. 2....
How to Write Great Prose to Bring Together Your Perfect Novel

How To Write Great Prose To Bring Together Your Perfect Novel

Writing prose is a highly subjective process that is not always confined to the bounds of a fixed set of rules. Before you think about writing prose, try to keep in mind that writing itself, and indeed what you write, is simply an extension of …